Lincoln Large Businesses and its subsidiary companies have chosen the Lincoln Global Corporation to serve as the brand identity for their collective operations. Perry Randall established it in 1905 as an American Fortune 250 holding firm with its headquarters in Radnor, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America.

The Mylincoln Portal is an internet portal that is exclusive to the Lincoln Financial Group. Access to services, information retrieval, and complaint information, among other things, is provided to customers who have been approved for access. In addition, the website gives organizations the ability to save all of their documents online, which improves their ability to collaborate.

About Mylincoln Portal

Following are certain details about MyLincoln Portal

  • In 1968, the Lincoln National Company planted its flag in Indiana after the state passed laws that encouraged them to do so.
  • LNC is the ticker symbol for shares of Lincoln National Corporation, which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. 
  • Lincoln National Corporation is an international financial services company. It may be found in Radnor, which is in the state of Pennsylvania. 
  • As of the 30th of September in 2017, Lincoln National has $64 billion in assets under management in addition to $6 billion in stock. 
  • The company is engaged in activity in three domains: individual life insurance, group life insurance, and other investment activities.
  • Over the course of its existence, the business has grown to encompass a variety of new endeavors, including the sale of life insurance and annuity products. 
  • Today, the organization assists millions of customers by guiding them through the management of their insurance, retirement, or asset protection plans, aiding them in achieving their income goals, guiding them through the management of their savings, and identifying their ideal way of life.
  • Suppose you are one of the millions of people who utilize the services provided by the corporation. In that case, you will be given a straightforward online account that gives you the ability to manage your funds at any time and from any location. 
  • By following the steps outlined in the following portion of this page, you will be able to access the service online after registering for the Mylincoln portal.
  • MylincolnPortal is a Lincoln Financial Group-specific internet portal. Provides approved access to customer service, decision support, complaint information, etc. The site enables agencies to store all papers online to optimize communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why do I receive the error message “Match unknown username and password” when I log in?

This result signifies that you are attempting to log in with an invalid account, passcode, or user name and password. Should you not correctly enter the login or password and the issue remains, you can rescue or reset them. In rare instances, this issue may also suggest that the URL has obsolete session information. Enter MyLincolnPortal.com into the address bar to remedy this issue.

Q- Why can’t I access Mylincoln with my username?

To retrieve your name, you need to use the email address you supplied during registration. Unfortunately, when you cannot receive an email after requesting to recover your password, the email address you provided doesn’t match your account’s data. You can contact the administration staff at 1-800-431-2955 or mylincolnportal help@lfg.com if you require assistance.

Q- Why can’t I obtain my username, and what should I do?

There is a possibility that the e-mail address users entered does not resemble the email address that was entered during the registration process. If you have entered an email address into their system but have yet to receive a response to that address, it is possible that the company does not have that address on file. Please try contacting it from a new email address, or if you cannot access the email address previously used, please get in touch with us so that they can assist you. 

Q- Why do I receive a “Technical Error” when I reset the password for my Mylincoln portal?

If you see these issues while attempting to reset your login details, try the Last password you attempted to change to see if it works. This will likely resolve the issue.

Q- Why do I receive a “System error? Please repeat the activity. Kindly call your administrator if the error persists.

To fix this system problem, you must restart the computer browser and refresh the page. If the issue persists, delete the cache and cookies from your browser. Alternatively, you can change your window or convert to Chrome, which is optimal for viewing Lincoln financial sites.


Mylincoln Portal is another online source that is only accessible to persons who are employed with Lincoln Financial Group. A range of resources, such as client service, retrieval, correspondence, and more, can be accessed once you have authorized access to these areas. Moreover, the site allows organizations to keep all their records digitally, which enhances the groups’ communication ability.