Mylincoln Portal

Mylincoln Portal is an online platform owned by the American Company Linchlon National corporation that runs a huge variety of insurance and investment management businesses by subsidiaries. Founded by Perry Randall in 1905, Linchlon corporation, along with its subsidiaries, has been providing guidance to people in managing their finances. It got listed on New York Stock exchange under the LNC symbol. In November 2017, Linchlon National corporation had a total of $64 billion in assets, and the equity of the corporation was calculated to be $ 6 billion.

Know more about Mylincoln Portal


Linchlon Financial Group has been providing assistance and making it easier for people to plan their finances since 1905. It has reached  millions of people and worked with them to:

  • plan their finances
  • buying insurances
  • choosing the correct employee benefits
  • and, most importantly, saving their amounts before their retirement plans.

The online Mylincoln Portal automatically saves your folders online and helps you provide assistance support, customer service, decision support, and complaint information. Providing financial assistance to its consumers, mylincoln portal deals with three different fields of insurance:

  • Group insurance
  • Individual Life insurance
  • and other investments

How To Access MyLincoln Portal

To begin  your journey to Mylincoln Portal, you will have to follow some very basic steps,

  • Open a tab in any web browser and then the mylincoln URL that you have saved or open
  • Next, you will have to enter your company’s code in the given column. (For your company code, you can either get in touch with your Human Resources Department or performance advisor)
  • Now, to proceed further, click on the “VALIDATE” button, which is blue in color.
  • Wait for Mylincoln Portal to verify and register your company’s Human Resource department.
  • Soon, after entering the information asked by Mylincoln Portal, you will be provided with a username, and also, you will get a link that will register your email id to generate a new password.
  • Once you have got your username and password then, you can easily sign in to your mylinchlonPortal account just by visiting the official website, i.e.,

Advantages of Using Mylincoln Portal

Running since 1905, Linchlon Financial corporation has successfully gained the trust of people through its vision and services.

  • Giving financial assistance as per one’s need.

Mylincoln Portal and its subsidiaries always take care of an individual and his family’s need and thus provides the set of the product that fulfills their aspirations and helps them to proceed towards their future goals.

Further, Linchlon National corporation has also been providing assistance with the group and individual insurance.

  • Making efforts to make people digitally advance.

Mylincoln Portal provides its services to people of all kinds.  Any disability should not become a barrier to a good financial plan, and one needs a happy life. And Mylincoln Portal is doing exactly the same.

  • Moving ahead together 

Mylincoln Portal and its subsidiaries are working in the direction of moving forward by joining hands with everyone. Mylincoln Portal also ensures its employees’ well-being and financial safety. 

  • Getting stronger with each step

Mylincoln Portal has been setting up strong morals and rules for employers and employees. It has used digital means to make its connections with the users strong. Reluctantly pushing its capital towards productive uses. Linchlon financial group has been building itself stronger and moving forward since 1905.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- On what matters, can I get financial assistance from Mylincoln Portal?

By signing up on the mylincoln portal, you can get financial aid and assistance on various issues ranging from individual insurance to group insurance. You may also redeem your assistance on retirement plans and employee insurance.

Q- Can we get assistance for the disabled on Mylincoln Portal?

Yes, of course, on the mylincoln portal, you will find insurance for people with disability too. However, the vision of the Linchlon National corporation for everyone is to move together upwards and forward, disregarding any ability or disability.

Q- Will Mylincoln Portal help me to plan my financial activities?

Mylincoln Portal will help you plan your financial activities and, moreover, provide you with assistance.

Q- How can I get the services of Linchlon National corporation digitally?

To get the services from Linchlon National corporation digitally, you need to log in yourself on the online portal of the same. For example, you can visit the following website to get started with the digital services of Linchlon National corporation I e.


Mylincoln Portal is a digital platform for the customers of Linchlon National corporation, providing its services digitally on the official portal Mylincoln Portal functions in managing different kinds of insurance and investment management businesses. Mylincoln Portal digitally stores your documents automatically and gives you easy access, which also helps optimize communication.